Intel® NUC Kit DN2820FYKH Rev.103 (N2830 CPU)

I needed a new HTPC, so I started a web crusade search for my next candidate. ZOTAC, NUC, etc. Seen all of them at the time.

Intel NUC was my choice, and I definitively couldn’t choose better! I got the Celeron 2.13GHz version (N2830 CPU made on July 2014).

Why NUC?

As my previous HTPC was an ASUS Barebone S1AT5NM10E, with an Atom 1.8GHz, I felt no need of going to Intel i3 or i5, as they were very expensive and waste a lot of energy.

I had a particular media setup on my previous HTPC, mainly relying on Ubuntu Server, Plex Media Server, Sickrage, rtorrent, Couchpotato. Had a few notifications and maintenance scripts, even with Munin monitoring. Yeah, that could be definitely overkill for a HTPC, but who cares? 🙂

The thing is, I think had a pretty heavy environment, but 1.8GHz and 4GB of RAM, always took care of the job, with lower CPU loads, check my uptime on ASUS running Ubuntu Server:

Power Consumption

As I don’t need more power than I had before, the NUC was a more that excellent choice. The power consumption isn’t even noticed on the monthly bill (as it was with my previous ASUS Barebone S1AT5NM10E).

I won’t even bother to make any measure because this post from explains everything.

Pay attention tha he’s talking about the previous version with the N2820 CPU, because mine is the improvement: N2830 that he says it’s getting out to stores soon.


The performance is impressive. Even with my new media setup running on background (thanks to @xombiemp), I can stream flawlessly 1080p via Kodi. And the uptime is awesome, even with KODI running (you can check my post about Kodibuntu):

Is it higher than my Atom 1.8GHz? We can’t measure it like that, but remember that previously I was running Ubuntu Server, and it has no graphical interface.


I just have to thank to all the people that recommended me this HTPC, as I’m really happy with its performance and (almost zero) power consumption. As my old Apple Remote (A1156) was useless (due to newer macbooks don’t bring any IR receivers), I’ve been able to reuse it for the NUC.

Jan 2015
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