Kodibuntu Helix 14 running on my new HTPC

So I had to get another HTPC since I spend my life moving between two houses, during the week and weekend.

On one of that houses I have a SamsungUE40D5700 SmartTV (2011 version, very slow one!) and my ASUS barebone S1AT5NM10E (working flawlessly since 2011) running Ubuntu Server. I have Plex Media Server installed, serving video to my SmartTV and to my iPhone. I have another TV on the same house, not Smart, so I had to buy a Chromecast and I use Plex iOS app to cast to that TV.

Since I use Plex Media Server, I never felt the urge to install any graphical OS on my barebone, neither KODI (previously known as XBMC) not even OpenELEC. But since on my other house I don’t have a SmartTV, I had to opt in on Kodibuntu. So…

Why Kodibuntu?

You can call me lazy, but why the hell would I want to download an OS, setting it up, installing KODI, create a custom login for KODI, if I can have a nice and quick Lubuntu already shipped with KODI, up and running? That’s what I’m talking about!

I just had to setup my OpenSSH connection, and installed everything that I need for my media setup. Currently I’m using a workflow based on @xombiemp‘s config that you can find here. I just made a few adjustments to allow symlink seeding on rtorrent, even when the file is already archived near the others on media/TV folder (provided by Sickrage).

You can see it running here, controlled with my old white Apple Remote.

Jan 2015

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